Interoperability of Electronic Health Record and Clinical Decision Support systems in an effective and efficient way
Demonstration AMIA 2016: A platform for exploration into chaining of web services for clinical data transformation and reasoning



Development of solutions from the different technological perspectives required for the interoperability of EHR and CDS.

Domain Models

Quality evaluation of domain (i.e., ontologies, terminologies) and clinical models (i.e., archetypes) for real applications.

Information Models

Development of solutions for the unambiguous representation, augmentation and querying of EHR for its use in CDS systems.

Inference Models

Augmentation of the CIG contents with additional knowledge, and execution of CIGs using augmented EHR.


Testing and evaluation of the interoperability of CDS and EHR systems. Elaboration of a best practices guide.


Department of Computer Science and Engineering


Biomedical Informatics Group (IBIME), ITACA Institute


Department of Informatics and Systems